Hallux Valgus SplintFoot Splint D-HV One Size Fits All Splint is Universal, One size fits all. Right and Left. Hallux Valgus and toe attachments Velcro on where needed. The splint can be worn in a shoe. A therapeutic tool used in claw, hammer toes and bunion correction. Also used Post-operative ly for Hallux valgus, hammertoe and taylor’s bunion surgery.
Drop Foot SplintDropfoot Splint Med OC-DFS-(01-03) S-L Used for the treatment of patients with a flaccid “drop foot”.
Clavicle StrapClavical Strap C-MCS-(01-04) S-XL The Clavicle Strap helps relieve pain by stabilizing the clavicle through the correct alignment of the shoulders and clavicle.
Posture StrapPosture Straps C-MP-(01/03) S/M-L/XL Made from a breathable material, and fastens anterior on the chest. Can be comfortably worn underneath clothing. For Posture Rehabilitation.
Shoulder ImmobiliserShoulder Immobilizer  C-MS-(01-04) S-XL Used to stabilise and immobilise an injured shoulder.
ArmslingArmsling Large C-MA-(01-04) S-XL Used to stabilise and immobilise a fractured arm.
Universal ArmslingUniversal Armsling C-MU One Size Fits All Adjustable Armsling, with Velcro Fastenings. Used to stabilise and immobilise the fractured arm.
Universal Armsling Abduction CushionAbduction Cushion C-MUC One Size Fits All Foam Abduction Cushion, providing 5% Abduction, used in conjuction with the Universal Arm Sling. Used to abduct the arm from the body and hold it in place.
Cervical CollarCervical Collar C-MCC-(01-04) S-XL Foam Cervical Collar with Velcro Fastening. Used to stabilize the neck.
Cervical Collar with SleeveCervial Collar wSleeve C-MCC-(11-13) S-L Foam Cervical Collar with Removable, Washable, Cotton Sleeve and Velcro Fastening. Used to stabilize the neck.
Scrotal SupportScrotal Support C-DS-(01-04) S-XL Used for patients suffering from Scrotal Oedema to help reduce swelling of the scrotum for palliative care and post-operative treatment.
Finger Splint – AluminiumFinger Splintwhand Med C-MF-(13/19/25) 13, 19 & 25mm An aluminium and foam splint Available in standard lengths and widths. Used to stabilize and immobilze finger fractures.
Universal Wrist SupportBlk Universal Wrist Support D-UW-(01-04) S-XL Wrist Support with Stainless Steel Stay and 1 Velcro Strap to secure Splint. Reversible. Light Support for Sprained Wrists.
Deklo Wrist SupportBLACK Wrist Support D-DWL-(00-04) (Left)
D-DWR-(00-04) (Right)
XS-XL Removable Stainless Steel Stay for Shaping. Two Velcro Straps to Secure Splint. Medium Support for Sprains and other Wrist Injuries.
Deklo Wrist SplintWrist Splint D-WDL-(00-04) (Left)
D-WDR-(00-04) (Right)
XS-XL Wrist Splint with Removable Stainless Steel Stay, Cotton Outer and Inner and 4 Velcro Strips for secure Fastening. Used in the treatment of various wrist injuries, such as sprains and fractures.
Rigid Night SplintDEKLO Night Splint O-DNS-(01&03) S & L Adjustable Rigid Night Splint, Hard Plastic Outer Shell and Soft Inner Padding. Splint secures foot at a 45 degree angle, ensuring a gentle stretch of the Plantar Fascia. Used in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.
Orthopaedic Foam SheetOrthopaedic FoamSheets C-OR(100/102) 5mm (C-OR100)
12mm (C-OR102)
Adhesive Foam Sheets, 10 x Sheets per Pack. Off-Loading.
Orthopaedic Foam A & BOrthopaedic FoamMed PO-OA
5kg each The two components are mixed thoroughly and vigourously, until the mixture starts to expand to about 20x’s it size and hardens. Used in the Manufacturing of Prosthetics.
Deklo Pigment
Pigments Med
PO-P-01 (Negroid)
PO-P-02 (Tan)
PO-P-03 (Dull Pink)
1kg For Colouring Prosthetics.

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